Shocking Chargers hire is already a fan favorite thanks to Justin Herbert

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
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The main emphasis for the LA Chargers over the last two weeks has been building out the coaching staff and front office around new head coach Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh is looking to reinvent the culture in Los Angeles, and the fallout hires since his introduction is key to accomplishing that.

Various coaches were reported to be joining the Chargers coaching staff over the several weeks and on Wednesday the Chargers made their final coaching staff official. A lot of the names on the coaching staff were familiar, but the team did make some surprising hires that were not previously reported.

Perhaps the most surprising hire was Marc Trestman, who has been hired as a senior offensive assistant. Trestman hasn't coached since 2020 and has not been in the NFL since 2016.

As shocking as the hire was, it won't take Chargers fans long to love the hire. Trestman wrote for 33rd Team during his time away from coaching and recently wrote about whether or not Justin Herbert was actually an elite quarterback. Don't worry, he passed the test.

"His courage, toughness and composure in the pocket consistently stand out. There were less than a handful of reckless or forced throws and, in most cases, he could make the correct decision under extreme duress.

None of this is new information, by the way. Herbert has been excellent throughout all four years of his career with the Chargers.

In my opinion, the narrative that he has regressed is not backed up by the tape — he’s still performing like a top-five NFL quarterback."

Marc Trestman is already a Chargers fan favorite for heaping praise on Justin Herbert

Trestman dove deeper into Herbert's game and all the great things he is still doing for the Chargers. He also dove into things the Chargers weren't doing well last season, which can give fans a peek into his mindset heading into the 2024 season.

Trestman circled several key issues that Chargers fans have seen themselves. A lack of consistent wide receiver play, a bad running game, no smart protection plan. Add in bad picks by Tom Telesco and a bad defense from Brandon Staley and it was an utter storm for Herbert.

Harbaugh might be the new big name in LA but Herbert is still the cornerstone of the franchise. The Chargers have legitimate Super Bowl aspirations because Herbert is an elite quarterback, not because he has ample help around him.

Thankfully, after four painful years where Herbert was carrying the team, it looks like the star quarterback is going to get the help he needs. Trestman isn't the only huge fan of Herbert in the building, and that will bode well for the franchise quarterback.

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