Shawne Merriman loved this epic takedown of Austin Rivers' ridiculous comments

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For some reason, there is a constant conversation regarding NBA players easily transitioning into the NFL and having thriving careers. Despite the incredible differences between the sports, several basketball players over the years have claimed they could accomplish a lot on the field, but stating football players couldn't do the same with their next breath.

It's a wild statement to make but even analysts have joined in the debate, going as far as saying Lebron James could be a better tight end than Rob Gronkowski.

Although it seems like a laughable topic to discuss, which has been proven false many times over the years, Austin Rivers decided to up the controversy by asserting "30 NBA players" could move to the NFL right now and be successful, while the opposite switch wouldn't bring the same results.

Because of the absurdity of his comments, the clip from the Pat McAfee show has gone viral and then some, with several players responding in their own ways. The latest is former Packer James Jones, who really took it to Rivers during Wednesday morning's episode of FS1's "Speak."

He made such good points in his response that even Chargers legend Shawne Merriman had to repost the video, seemingly agreeing with what he said by including several worked-up emojis.

After listening to what Jones had to say, it makes sense why Merriman seems to agree wholeheartedly.

This kind of conversation can be left as just fun and games, but as Jones said, it gets to a point where it becomes disrespectful when comments like Rivers' invalidate or discredit what NFL players do every Sunday.

It's fine if athletes who thrive in one sport wouldn't do well in another; it's pretty common, especially for those who want to pursue a professional career in sports. So Rivers seems to either be delusional in his thinking or wanted to stir up some drama, which he easily accomplished.