Seahawks swipe a Harbaugh away from the Chargers coaching staff

Seattle Seahawks Introduce Mike Macdonald as Head Coach
Seattle Seahawks Introduce Mike Macdonald as Head Coach / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Hiring Jim Harbaugh was the most impactful move the LA Chargers could have made this offseason. With one swift hire, the Chargers drastically changed the fortunes of the team not just for the 2024 season but for the rest of the decade.

Harbaugh is not coming alone as he is bringing a new GM in Joe Hortiz and a first-class coaching staff along with him. Harbaugh has won everywhere he has gone, so fans have no choice but to support the coaching hires he makes, even if they seem controversial.

There were two coaches that were tied to Harbaugh and the Chargers that fans were concerned about (for vastly different reasons): Greg Roman and Jay Harbaugh. Fans were worried about Roman's run-heavy style of offense and how he would be as a play-caller. Roman is reportedly joining the staff, albeit his exact role has not yet been confirmed.

Fans were concerned about hiring Jay Harbaugh not because of his qualifications, but because it would mean that special teams coordinator Ryan Ficken would be leaving. Ficken is reportedly returning to the staff and it was assumed that Jay Harbaugh would be working with him. That is not the case, as Jay Harbaugh is instead joining former Michigan defensive coordinator Mike MacDonald in Seattle.

Jay Harbaugh will not be joining Jim Harbaugh on the Chargers

Well, there are now three different teams in the NFL that have a Harbaugh on its coaching staff. Nothing is concrete yet, but this is a good indication that Jay Harbaugh will not be following his father to Los Angeles.

This is the best-case scenario for everyone involved as every party gets what they want. Chargers fans are happy with Ficken returning to the staff to continue the great work he has done as the special teams coordiantor. The Harbaugh family is happy as both Jim and Jay will make the leap to the NFL and the Seahawks are happy to get some of that Harbaugh DNA in the coaching room.

The behind-the-scenes nature of this move is the most interesting part of this story. Did Jim Harbaugh push for Jay Harbaugh to be hired only for the Chargers to push back? Did Jim Harbaugh outright admit to his own son that Ficken would be a better special teams coordinator for the Chargers? Or did Jay Harbaugh want to go his own way and pave his own path in the NFL?

Regardless, it is a great day for the Harbaugh family, a great day for the Chargers, and (hopefully for them) a great day for the Seahawks.