Greg Roman is a great hire for the Chargers, regardless of the role

Baltimore Ravens Mandatory Minicamp
Baltimore Ravens Mandatory Minicamp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Ian Rapoport has officially reported that the LA Chargers are expected to hire former Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman for a "prominent role" on Jim Harbaugh's staff.

Roman's tenure with the Ravens didn't end on a great note and the former play-caller did not have a job on an NFL staff in 2023. For that reason, some Chargers fans have grown worried about how Roman will gel with a non-running quarterback in Justin Herbert.

Whatever his title, Greg Roman will do good things for the Chargers

This hire should come as a surprise to no one, as it was heavily speculated before Harbaugh was officially signed on to lead the team. However, "prominent role" leaves much to the imagination. Will Roman be leading the offense as offensive coordinator as he did by Harbaugh's side in San Francisco? Will he use his experience leading elite rush offenses in San Fran and Baltimore to become the Chargers' run game coordinator?

Whatever it is, Chargers fans need to take a deep breath and trust that the hire will work out. Everyone knew what could happen if Jim Harbaugh became the coach. Regardless, Greg Roman will do whether he is the offensive coordinator or another prominent position like run game coordinator.

To put it quite simply, Greg Roman has not had a quarterback with arm talent that can even sniff that of Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert. Yes, he had dynamic soon-to-be two-time league MVP Lamar Jackson. He made that offense work exactly how it needed to with the tools that Jackson had at his disposal at the time. Lamar had not yet become the passer that he is today, and the Ravens offense was still dangerous whenever he was on the field and 100% healthy.

Prior to leading the Baltimore Ravens, Roman was the offensive coordinator of the Harbaugh-led San Francisco 49ers from 2011-2014. Do we even need to recap who the quarterbacks of those teams were? Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick.

While both were serviceable at one time or another (maybe that is slightly harsher than it needs to be, they both had their high points), I think everyone can agree neither player belongs in the same space in people's minds when thinking of elite quarterback talent and Justin Herbert. Letting Roman do his thing as OC creating a violent rushing attack will open up all sorts of options with the play-action passing game and whatever weapons Herbert has to throw downfield with (get us Nabers or Bowers and let the fun begin).

Best case scenario for the Chargers? Roman does NOT get the offensive coordinator position. He agrees to join the staff as the run game coordinator and still brings that elite scheme to the team. The Chargers look elsewhere at the offensive coordinator spot and get themselves a gem in the passing attack. Bringing in someone like Tanner Engstrand from the Detroit Lions to help instill a creative Ben Johnson-like passing game for Herbert.

Whatever can be done to ensure QB1 is in the best position to succeed (which we can all agree ownership has done to perfection so far) is what we are all hoping for.

Welcome Greg Roman in with open arms. Don't just jump to the past without providing any sort of context. The Chargers have an absolute stud in Justin Herbert and Jim Harbaugh knows it.

Would he really look to hurt his legacy by being the guy who could succeed at multiple levels with average quarterback play but couldn't take elite talent over the top? No. He has a vision, and everyone needs to just relax and understand it will work out whether or not Greg Roman is the offensive coordinator.

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