3 scorching hot Chargers takes to get fans through the summer

We are a few months away from Chargers football but the red-hot takes won't stop coming.

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
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We have officially entered the dead period of the NFL calendar and there is not much going on with the Chargers. Unless Justin Herbert signs his contract extension before training camp, there will not be much noise coming out of Los Angeles football-wise.

It is easy to check out on the Chargers during the summer, especially after the whirlwind that was free agency, the draft and minicamp. This is the calm before the storm when things really start to get fun in training camp and beyond.

For those that might be checking out on Chargers content over the next two months, we wanted to leave you with some scorching hot takes that will get you through this uncharacteristically cold California summer.

Chargers hot take No. 1: Joey Bosa is a great, not elite, pass rusher

We all love Joey Bosa. When he is out there on the field there is a tangible difference between him and the players that are behind him. While there is no doubt that he is a great player, the conversations about him being an elite pass rusher should probably come to a close.

Bosa has been considered by Chargers fans to be one of the best pass rushers in the entire sport for multiple years now. And while he belongs somewhere on that list, he is lower than most fans would probably like to admit.

Part of the problem is availability, as Bosa has had a tendency to miss games due to injury. But when he does play, while effective, he still is a level below the elite pass rushers that, quite frankly, are quite a bit above him in the NFL hierarchy.

Could Bosa have a career year and become a First Team All-Pro? Absolutely, that should not be ruled out. But the elite class of pass rushers should be a limited group and right now, the likes of Nick Bosa, Micah Parsons, Myles Garrett and T.J. Watt occupy that group. Bosa is on the tier below, and that is fine!