History shows exactly when the Chargers will sign Justin Herbert to an extension

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest storyline around the LA Chargers as the team takes a break away from football until training camp is Justin Herbert's looming extension. Herbert still has two more years under team control but the window to sign him to an extension has opened and has many fans waiting for a massive contract to be announced.

Thankfully, Herbert's contract extension has been a drama-free situation, with Herbert himself shooting down the notion of him holding in during training camp until an agreement is made.

It would still benefit the Chargers to get a deal done sooner rather than later. While Herbert does not seem to be someone who will let it bother him, the Chargers would save money by being first to sign the extension. If the team waits for Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals to agree to an extension then it will only raise the price for Herbert.

Fans hoping for news of an extension in the coming weeks might be disappointed, though. While anything is possible, recent history actually tells us exactly when the Chargers and Herbert will come to terms on a contract extension.

History tells us that Justin Herbert and the Chargers will sign an extension during training camp in August

Of course, every situation is different but there are three large extensions that the Chargers have signed in recent years that all follow the same trend. They were all signed with a year remaining under contract and the final agreements all took place during training camp.

The first of the trio was Joey Bosa, who signed a five-year extension with the Chargers in early August before the 2020 season. A little less than a month after Bosa's historic extension the team also agreed to a contract extension for star receiver Keenan Allen.

Fast forward two years and the Chargers had another extension situation with Derwin James. Like Bosa and Allen, the Chargers agreed to terms during training camp in the middle of August on a four-year deal.

The Bolts did not let any of these situations bleed into the regular season and for the most part, they actually gave the players what they wanted and did not shortchange them. Tom Telesco is already on thin ice and doesn't want to be the GM that doesn't get a deal done with the franchise quarterback. He will do whatever it takes for the extension to be done before the season, even if that means caving into any demands from Herbert's camp.

So while it might take a bit longer than fans are comfortable with, there should not be any concerns about it bleeding into the regular season.