3 recent former Chargers who would have been perfect under Brandon Staley

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Trevor Williams, Terrance Williams
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3. Trevor Williams

This one might be a bit out of left field considering Trevor Williams is not in the league anymore. Williams has dealt with various injuries and has been handed multiple stints on various practice squads but he has not played in an NFL game since the two games he played in 2020 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

It is a shame that Williams' NFL career did not last that long as he had a lot of potential with the Chargers. LA brought in Williams as an undrafted free agent in 2016 and he instantly made enough of an impact to carve out a spot in the roster.

Williams followed up a promising rookie season with a really productive second season in 2017. He was an important part of the secondary and was making his mark in the league. He dealt with injuries and only played nine games the following season but was still solid when he was on the field for the Bolts.

Williams would not have been a standout star corner for the Chargers with Brandon Staley as the head coach but he would have given the team legitimate depth that Staley could utilize. Even with the additions this offseason, cornerback is still a bit thin and having the 2017 version of Williams would be exactly what the Chargers need.

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Williams had moderate speed and good enough ball skills to make a difference on passes in the air. He is the definition of a cover corner and he was already refining some of the greener areas of the game. Just imagine if Staley got his hands on him.