3 divisions the LA Chargers would absolutely dominate if they were in

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers had a massive offseason to build off of a promising 2021 season but the only problem is that other teams in the AFC West improved as well. It is safe to say that the AFC West is going to be the most competitive and entertaining division in football and the Chargers very well could be at the top of that class.

It makes you wonder what the Chargers' season would be like if they were in a different division, though. If the Chargers end up winning the AFC West then you could make the case for them winning every single division in football. However, winning the AFC West is not a guarantee.

Out of the seven other divisions in football, there are three where the Chargers would undoubtedly be the best team by a mile and would beat around the other teams in said divisions.

The LA Chargers would dominate the NFC East

The NFC East has been the laughing stock of NFL divisions in recent years and while it does seem to be improving, the Chargers would still undoubtedly be the best team in the division and would likely have a 5-1 record at worst in those divisional games.

The Dallas Cowboys do have talent, especially on the defensive end, and the Philadelphia Eagles are getting better. However, the Cowboys have a horrible head coach while the Eagles have a pretty below-average quarterback.

The New York Giants are a mess and nobody is scared of Carson Wentz up in the Nation's Capital. Granted, if the Chargers joined the division then one of these teams would have to get the boot but it would not really matter much who gets the boot. The Chargers would pound on each of these teams during the 2022 season and would comfortably win the division.

Last year the Chargers went 3-1 against the NFC East with the only loss being to the Dallas Cowboys and the referees in Week 2.