3 recent draft picks the Chargers gave up on way too soon

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Chargers gave up on Isaiah Spiller too soon

Isaiah Spiller is still on the roster (for now) so the Chargers have time to right this ship. But if the Chargers are going to right the ship and not give up on Spiller, it is going to take the new regime buying in on a player that they did not draft.

As fans know from seeing regime changes across the league, a player drafted by a previous front office has an uphill battle to climb. That player has an even steeper uphill battle to climb when the previous regime that drafted him also did not seem to believe in him.

This is the problem that Isaiah Spiller is facing, and it is mainly because the previous Chargers' regime did not give him a chance to prove his value. Even though the season was completely lost last year, the Chargers still did not give Spiller any chance to boost a stagnant rushing offense.

Had Spiller actually been given a chance to play at the end of last year's regular season then he would have built in a stronger case to Jim Harbaugh and Joe Hortiz to be a part of this running back committee. But with very limited NFL tape thanks to the previous front office not believing in him, Spiller is a candidate to be cut before the 2024 season.

The previous Chargers regime gave up on him too soon and the current Chargers regime may not have a chance to ever believe in him.