3 reasons the Chargers should fire Brandon Staley (and 2 reasons why they might not)

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With a loss and fractured index finger for Justin Herbert in Week 13, any hopes of a miracle playoff run are officially over for the Chargers. The team is not statistically eliminated from the playoff hunt but every Chargers fan has accepted that it is time to look ahead to the 2024 NFL Draft.

Fans are also looking ahead to the future of the head coaching job. Brandon Staley was already on thin ice with the fanbase after the Bolts blew a 27-0 lead in the AFC Wild Card Round last season against the Jacksonville Jaguars. After a (likely) losing season in 2023, fans want to see change.

It is not hard for the Chargers to come up with a list of reasons to part ways with Staley after the 2023 season. However, it also isn't inconceivable to think that the team might convince itself to keep Staley. Let's break it down, from both sides of the equation.

The Chargers should fire Brandon Staley because of the countless close losses

It has unfortunately become a point of pride (it seems) for Staley when the Chargers lose a close game. Five of the team's eight losses this season have been by less than one touchdown and that is something Staley has brought up in the past, almost as an argument for his team.

While it is great to be in games against good opponents, it doesn't mean anything if you cannot execute and get the win. Good teams that are well-coached figure out a way to win close games. They don't have to win them all, but they also shouldn't be 2-5 in one-score games.

Good coaches can turn that 2-5 record in one-score games to a 4-3 record, at worst. If the Chargers did that, they would currently be 7-6 and in a playoff position. But that is not the case, and coaching is a big reason why.