Ranking the top 5 Chargers running backs of all time

No. 1 is pretty obvious, but what about the rest of the top five?
San Diego Chargers vs San Francisco 49ers - October 15, 2006
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Greatest Chargers running backs of all time: 4. Melvin Gordon

Just because you hate him doesn't mean he shouldn't be on this list. Melvin Gordon fell hard out of favor with Chargers fans for the way he handled his contract situation and then took shots at the fanbase once he left the team.

Gordon might be one of the most despised Chargers of all time but he is also one of the best running backs in franchise history. Keeping him off this list solely because he is disliked would be doing a disservice to our readers, who deserve objective analysis.

It seems like Gordon's tenure with the Chargers was rather short but compared to his Chargers peers it was actually pretty long. Gordon played more games on the Chargers than Butts and is third in franchise history in games started for a running back with 62.

Gordon wrapped up his Chargers career with the fourth-most rushing yards in franchise history and the third-most total touchdowns. If someone wants to put Butts ahead of Gordon that is fine as the numbers are very close and both made two Pro Bowls with the team. Butts is the only running back on this list to make the Super Bowl with the team, after all.

However, despite the numbers being somewhat close, Gordon was better at his peak than Butts was. For that reason, Gordon checks in at No. 4.