The 4 most despised LA Chargers players of all time

It is safe to say that Chargers fans disliked these former players.
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There have been a lot of fan favorites that have put on the powder blue in the last 60+ years. However, just because someone played for the LA Chargers does not mean that they are automatically beloved by the fanbase.

There are some former Chargers throughout the team's history who have become a sore spot for the franchise. Ask any Chargers fan on the street who their most despised former Chargers is and you will likely get one of four answers.

Let's dive into those four players, going in order based on when they most recently were a member of the franchise.

Most despised Chargers: Melvin Gordon

Ah, Melvin Gordon. If you became a Chargers fan in the last seven years or so then Gordon is definitely the first player that you truly despised from the Chargers. Gordon tried pulling a Le'Veon Bell with his contract situation with the Chargers, missing the first four games of the 2019 season as a result.

Gordon would play the final 12 but his mark was left on the franchise. Chargers fans were not happy with how he handled his contract situation and it was only made worse when he signed with the rival Denver Broncos. But it did not stop there.

Gordon went to war with Chargers fans when he said being on the team prepared him for playing in empty stadiums during the 2020 NFL season. That was the final straw and any supporters that Gordon had left in the fanbase certainly gave up on trying to like him.

Gordon slowly saw his role with the Denver Broncos decrease to the point where he eventually became a practice squad player with the Kansas City Chiefs. However, that did lead to him getting a ring and dunking on us here at Bolt Beat in the process.