Ranking the 3 biggest upgrades the Chargers made this offseason

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1. The wide receiver room as a whole

One area that was ravaged with injuries last season for the Chargers was the wide receiver room. Keenan Allen got hurt in Week 1 and took a long time to recover while Mike Williams battled several different injuries throughout the year.

Losing your top two receivers is hard for any team but it was even tougher for the Bolts with the room that was behind them. Joshua Palmer was a fine third option but the depth in the receiver room was tested and tested fast.

Jalen Guyton tore his ACL in Week 3, leaving DeAndre Carter to have a much bigger role in the offense. The Chargers also decided to only run five wide receivers on the active roster (when most teams carry six), so that made these woes even more prominent.

The depth of the receiver room is far better than it was a year ago. In addition to still having Allen, Williams and Palmer, the Chargers were able to re-sign Guyton and will hopefully get a healthy year out of him.

The team replaced Carter with Derius Davis, who should be able to add the same kind of presence on offense and in special teams as Carter. Instead of carrying just those five, the Chargers now also have a first-round wide receiver in Quentin Johnston that is going to provide depth as well.

This wide receiver room is deep and is built to withstand the usual bumps and bruises that the NFL season will cause.

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