Raiders' continued bargain bin shopping is hilarious for Chargers fans

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints
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While they might not be the biggest threat in the division, it is safe to say that the Las Vegas Raiders are the biggest rivals that the LA Chargers have. Nothing is better for Chargers fans than beating the Raiders twice in a season and watching the fanbase suffer.

This offseason has increased the odds of that happening. The Raiders took a step backward at quarterback, traded Darren Waller and didn't address many of the issues on the defensive side of the ball. Meanwhile, the Chargers were able to retain their most important free agents and supplemented that with talent in the draft.

Vegas is certainly trying to improve the roster, the team is just taking swings that will likely end up as misses. That is the case with the latest player that the Raiders are interested in as the team is bringing in veteran corner Marcus Peters for a workout.

Raiders signing Marcus Peters would be hilarious for Chargers fans

Peters is a big name and that might seem worrisome for the Chargers but in actuality, this would be a hilarious move that Chargers fans could get a kick out of it. Granted, just because Peters is visiting the team doesn't mean he is going to sign or play a huge role but the fact that he is an option for the Raiders shows how bad the defense is right now.

Peters was absolutely terrible for the Baltimore Ravens last season as he has likely hit the point of no return in his career. Cornerbacks regress very quickly in the NFL and that seems to have happened with the 30-year-old corner. 30 may not seem very old but in cornerback years it definitely is.

According to Pro Football Focus, Peters allowed a 116.3 passer rating when he was targeted in 2022. He allowed 44 receptions on 62 targets with five touchdowns allowed. He only had two pass break-ups. Peters had the fewest pass break-ups among any corner with 500 coverage snaps and allowed the second-highest passer rating in the league.

Turning around from that would be quite the feat for Peters, who also missed the entire 2021 season with a torn ACL. So he is a cornerback on the wrong side of 30 coming off of an awful year that just tore his ACL less than two years ago.

Chargers fans should absolutely be rooting for the Raiders to sign Peters that way Justin Herbert and this receiving corps can target him for an offensive showcase when these two teams play.

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