Raiders' WR Davante Adams sends firm warning to Chargers after being disrespected

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Michael Owens/GettyImages

No matter how funny it might be or how viral it might go, it usually is not worth it to poke the bear on social media. The LA Chargers may have learned that the hard way as it pertains to Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams.

The Bolts took a shot at Adams and the Raiders during the team's annual schedule-release festivities on social media. In addition to the team's viral schedule-release video, the Bolts also compare each of the team's upcoming opponents to Pop-Tarts flavors (yes, it is as silly as it sounds). For the Raiders, the Chargers included a picture of Adams next to a box of fake Pop-Tarts that were trash-flavored.

Well, it is safe to say Adams did not take too kindly to this joke. During a recent appearance on the "Up & Adams" show, Adams sent a very clear, direct message to the Chargers' social media team: keep his name out of their mouth.

Raiders WR Davante Adams unfortunately owns the Chargers

We are all for having fun on social media and how the Chargers' social media team has leveraged thier platform to grow the team's brand. There are certainly more eyes on the Chargers as a result of what that team has done over the last several years.

That being said, if you are going to go out on a limb like this then you have to be ready for the response. Adams has every right to call out the Chargers' social media team, especially with how much he has dominated the Bolts in recent years.

Say what you will about Adams and the Raiders but it is impossible to deny he has had the team's number in recent years. He is averaging a touchdown a game with just under 125 yards per game. Those are elite numbers, which certainly are not trash.

Granted, that shot was more directed at the Raiders as a whole and not Adams specifically but you cannot blame the All-Pro receiver for taking it as a slight. He has every right to use his platform to defend himself and unfortunately for the players, Adams now has an axe to grind when he plays the Bolts.

If Adams goes out and has another elite game against the Bolts to kickstart the 2024 season then it is going to be ugly. The Raiders' wideout will certainly have this in the back of his mind and won't be too kind to the Bolts as a result.

But if he doesn't have a big game and the Chargers manage to slow him down while also beating the Raiders, well then the Chargers' social media team is going to have even more fun with Adams' bold declarations.