Predicting the outcome of every Chargers game after the bye week

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers
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Week 17 vs LA Rams: 29-27 LOSS

As bad as the Rams have looked at times this season, they still have to be respected. Plus, it is not like the Chargers have always looked great this year, so expecting them to simply win this game because the Rams have played poorly is silly.

Even with a healthy defense it is hard to trust the Chargers to be able to stop Cooper Kupp and the Rams' offense. The Rams will be playing for a wild-card spot at this point and will be spamming Kupp like they did in the playoffs simply to get the job done. Even with Derwin James, the Chargers don't have an answer for that.

Sean McVay knows Brandon Staley's defense in an out and that will result in a close win for the Rams as the Chargers won't be able to get it done on the final drive of the game to win it. Like last season, they will be 9-7 heading into Week 18.

Week 18 at Denver Broncos: 23-18 WIN

However, unlike last season the Chargers will get the job done in Week 18 against an AFC West opponent. The Denver Broncos have been a dumpster fire this season and that likely is not going to change by Week 18. Denver had a huge win in Week 8 that kept the season from slipping altogether but that does not change who they are and how poorly they are coached.

Denver has a pretty rough schedule after the bye week that looks even bleaker with the team not being as good as many expected before the season. They still have to play the Chiefs twice and play another bonafide playoff team in the Ravens. That feels like three automatic losses right there.

In terms of automatic wins, Denver has the Panthers and that is really about it. The remaining opponents are the Titans, Raiders, Cardinals and Rams. If they beat the Panthers and go .500 against those four opponents they would have a 7-10 record in Week 18.

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At that point, they would just be trying to play spoiler to the Chargers, who should be able to overcome that with a playoff spot on the line to finish with a 10-7 record. It might seem crazy, but a 6-4 record after the bye is definitely doable.