3 positions the Chargers could draft in first round, 2 they should steer clear of

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Chargers should steer clear of: Defensive tackle

Hardcore fans that follow every aspect of the Chargers and know how this team thinks and operates positionally may think this is silly to even be included on the list. That being said, mock draft analysts are still predicting the Chargers to take a defensive tackle at pick 21.

In fact, ESPN Analytics' Draft Day Predictor has Calijah Kancey as the second-most likely prospect to be taken with the 21st overall pick. So while it might (rightfully) seem absurd to hardcore Chargers fans, there is still some kind of expectation here.

The reason why it may seem absurd is that the Chargers simply do not value defensive tackles enough in Brandon Staley's defense to take one in the first round. That is especially true considering the guys that are already on the roster in Sebastian Joseph-Day, Austin Johnson and Morgan Fox.

Does the team need more depth? Yes. Will that require a first-round pick? Not at all. Analysts point out the rushing yards allowed per carry by the Chargers without realizing that Staley's defense is built on the principle of allowing teams some production in the running game to offset any production in the passing game.

The team probably isn't even considering it but they should still steer clear of a DT in round one.