3 players who could start for the Chargers in 2023 that aren't signed yet

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The LA Chargers have most of the 2023 roster set in place and now have a schedule for the 2023 season that will come with expectations. It seems like everything is set for Chargers fans before we get into the quiet part of the football calendar over the summer.

But that is not exactly the case. The Chargers could still make moves to improve the roster and proved to fans last year that they are not afraid to do so. LA made several savvy free-agent signings after the draft and even brought in Sony Michel to play a big role in the running back room right before the regular season. It did not work out but the team tried.

Thus, while most of the roster seems to be set in place, there are certain players who are not yet signed for the Chargers who could actually end up starting in 2023.

3 players that could start for the Chargers in 2023 that aren't signed yet:

1. John Johnson III

This is the most obvious inclusion as the John Johnson III speculation has been going on for months. The Bolts were previously tied to Johnson in free agency but nothing came to be and many fans just assumed the team was waiting for after the 2023 NFL Draft.

The draft has come and gone and while the Bolts did not take a safety in the draft they are yet to add to the position. This does not mean that it won't happen as either side could be holding out for a variety of reasons.

At the end of the day, this is a partnership that makes sense for both parties. The Chargers would add much-needed safety depth and wouldn't be relying on two unknowns in Alohi Gilman and JT Woods. Meanwhile, Johnson would reunite with the coach that helped him have his best year as a pro with the LA Rams.