4 players the Chargers gave up on way too soon

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There have been a lot of great players to suit up in the powder blue for the LA Chargers. While the Chargers are one of few teams without a Super Bowl ring, they still boast some of the greatest players in NFL history.

That being said, there are other examples of great players that could have been so much much more for the Bolts if the team would not have pulled the plug too early. No GM is perfect and expecting them to bat 1.000 is silly, but there are certain names throughout history that are painful to think about.

Starting with a more recent example, let's dive into the players that the Chargers definitely gave up on way sooner than they ultimately should have.

4 players the Chargers gave up on way too soon:

1. Adrian Phillips

There have been a few breakout players that signed cheap contracts with other teams in recent years. In the last two years, linebackers Drue Tranquill and Kyzir White signed cheap one-year deals elsewhere after career years in Los Angeles.

Before them was Adrian Phillips, who is far more painful of an example than the two linebackers. Phillips was an All-Pro on the Chargers and his versatility on the defensive side of the ball was undoubtedly valuable. So what did the Chargers do? Let him sign with the New England Patriots for incredibly cheap.

Every Chargers fan should have known that Phillips was going to work out perfectly in New England. He is exactly the kind of player that Bill Belichick lives for and Phillips has continually been great for the Patriots since joining them in 2020.

If he would have stuck around Phillips would have been a perfect member of the secondary in Brandon Staley's defense but alas, it was not meant to be.