Kyzir White painfully calls out Chargers after Drue Tranquill walks for cheap

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns
Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

When the LA Chargers signed linebacker Eric Kendricks it was viewed as an excellent signing for the team. In theory, the Bolts were bringing in a veteran linebacker to replace Drue Tranquill. Tranquill was expected to get a multi-year contract this offseason and the Chargers were better off signing a short-term replacement.

That logic then came crumbling down when it was reported that Tranquill signed a one-year, $3 million contract (up to $5 million with incentives) with the Kansas City Chiefs. Tranquill is not only cheaper than Kendricks, but is arguably better at this stage in his career.

The logic for the Chargers signing Kendricks for more and not simply re-signing Tranquill is hard to find. There is conflicting information on the situation as well, with some reporting that Tranquill turned the Chargers down to chase a free-agent payday he didn't get and others reporting that the Bolts never offered him anything.

While it is impossible to know the entire truth, it seems more likely that the Bolts didn't offer Tranquill anything considering the team did that exact same thing a year ago. Just like they didn't re-sign Tranquill after a career year, the team fittingly let Kyzir White walk after a career year for only $3 million as well.

If there is anyone that knows exactly what Tranquill is going through it is White, who showed his support for his former teammate and called out the Chargers in the process.

Chargers somehow make the same mistake twice in a row with Drue Tranquill and Kyzir White.

Common wisdom would tell you that after making this mistake with Kyzir White last season the LA Chargers would wise up and re-sign Drue Tranquill at this cost. It was completely understandable if the team didn't want to commit to a three-year deal that paid him $7-8 million a year (which was projected).

But to let him walk at this price to a rival nonetheless? That is absurd. Especially when the team is paying even more for an older linebacker that does not have as much upside as Tranquill in 2023.

It would be one thing if White went to the Philadelphia Eagles last season and wasn't very good, proving the Chargers right for not re-signing him. That was not the case at all as White was a key member of a good Eagles defense. He earned a raise and a new contract with the Arizona Cardinals as a result.

This time around there is no Drue Tranquill coming in to save the Chargers from letting Drue Tranquill walk. Kenneth Murray isn't going to suddenly blossom and have a career year like Tranquill did in 2022. At least when White walked they had a backup plan.

The backup plan this year was to sign a different free agent for more money that is likely going to be a one-year stopgap option for the team.