NFL Rumors: Chiefs may help Chargers have a dream 2023 draft

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

The 2023 NFL Draft is getting closer and with every day that goes by there are more NFL rumors about what fans could end up seeing in Kansas City this year. The draft is always a must-watch day of the year full of excitement and this year will be no different.

While they are not picking early in the 2023 NFL Draft, we could see the LA Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs make big moves in the draft. The Chargers are looking to slay the Chiefs in the AFC West while Kansas City is looking to counter any moves to stay atop the mountain.

While the interests of the two teams are directly opposed, they could end up helping each other in the 2023 NFL Draft. If the latest NFL rumors around the Chiefs' draft intentions are true then there is a real possibility that there could be some help between AFC West teams.

NFL Rumors: Chiefs want to move up in 2023 NFL Draft, could help Chargers

The Chiefs moved up in the 2022 NFL Draft and it looks like the team could be looking to do the same thing this year. Matt Miller of ESPN shared his intel of what they are hearing about the Chiefs and the possibility of them moving up.

"With 10 total picks, I expect them to be aggressive throughout draft weekend. General manager Brett Veach can use that capital to move around the board. One NFC exec said he expects Veach to try to climb higher in Round 1 to secure a marquee player, and wide receiver and defensive line are their biggest areas of need, as Adam (Teicher) said."

Kansas City did move up in the 2023 NFL Draft an coincidentally enough, the team moved up to the 21st pick to take cornerback Trent McDuffie. History tends to repeat itself so perhaps the Chiefs are looking to make it back-to-back years with the 21st pick.

This would help accomplish a dream draft for the Chargers as moving down would be a huge move by the team. With no pressing first-round need, and the team instead needing depth, it makes all the sense in the world to move down in the first round and pick up an extra pick in the third round in the process.

Los Angeles would only be moving back 10 spots and could likely get a prospect of the same caliber with that selection. Meanwhile, the team would be able to add even more quality depth if the Chiefs were to trade pick 95, for example.

Inter-division trads are not incredibly uncommon, especially if the trade helps both teams accomplish what they are trying to accomplish. This is an example of that and for that reason, we could see the Chargers and Chiefs go into business with each other.

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