3 dream scenarios for the Chargers in the 2023 NFL Draft (that actually might happen)

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As the 2023 NFL Draft gets closer fans are starting to get a better idea of what the LA Chargers might do. There are still a wide array of variables that will impact the team's direction in the draft but there are at least some trends that fans are picking up on.

It is not hard to see where the Chargers' needs are heading into the draft, even if there is not a pressing one at that. This draft is about adding quality depth to the roster that can eventually turn into legitimate NFL talent.

With that in mind, there are certain dream scenarios that would make this a home-run draft for the Bolts. Like Rashawn Slater AND Asante Samuel Jr. falling to the Bolts in 2021, let's dive into the realistic dream scenarios for the team.

3 dream scenarios for the Chargers that could actually happen in the draft

3. Jayden Reed falls to the fourth round.

The Chargers only have three NFL-caliber receivers on the roster right now and it goes without saying that the team needs to add depth. With DeAndre Carter signing with the Las Vegas Raiders, the Chargers need to add someone who can add value on special teams.

Reed is that guy as he would instantly slot in as the team's return specialist. Not only that, but he has the kind of speed that the Chargers are lacking on offense right now that will make opposing teams respect the deep area of the field.

This is a classic case of knocking out two birds with one stone and if the Chargers can do that while pursuing other positions in the first three rounds then it would be a massive win. As it stands right now, Reed is projected to be a late third to early-fourth round pick, so it is not impossible for him to fall to the Bolts at pick 125.