NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Chargers fix massive defensive hole with stud prospect

Georgia Tech v Clemson
Georgia Tech v Clemson / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

There is still plenty of games left to play in the 2023 NFL season so the Chargers' current place in the 2024 NFL Draft order is far from locked in. As it stands after Week 10, the Chargers have the 14th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Los Angeles is just one game better than the sixth pick and one game worse than the 17th pick, so there is a lot of variance to consider.

All that being said, the team's first-round needs for the 2024 NFL Draft are already apparent. There are several positions on the roster with bleak futures. Unfortunately, the Chargers only have one pick in the first round to fill just one of those needs.

One of the more pressing needs is at the cornerback position. J.C. Jackson is no longer on the team while Michael Davis (who has been awful this season) is on an expiring contract. Asante Samuel Jr. is solid but the Chargers desperately need another boundary corner that can play impactful snaps in 2024 and beyond.

That is exactly what the Chargers would aim to do if the team followed CBS Sports' Ryan Wilson's lead in his latest NFL mock draft.

NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Chargers take Clemson CB Nate Wiggins

Nate Wiggins is exactly the kind of cornerback that this Chargers defense needs, regardless of whether or not Brandon Staley is still calling the shots next season. While he might not be a premier CB1 right away as a rookie, Wiggins has all the makings of developing into a truly special cover corner at the NFL level.

Wiggins has the blend of size and athleticism that you simply cannot teach. While there is still quite some time until the NFL Combine, this combination shows up on tape and is the driving force why he is a first-round prospect to begin with.

It is more than just traits with Wiggins, though, as he has backed it up with strong play for Clemson this season. Granted, he has not come up against the toughest competition possible but he has still been dominant.

The most impressive part of Wiggins game is his ability to recognize when the ball is coming out of the quarterback's hand to make a play on the receiver. Even when Wiggins is "beat", he has not been out of the play because of his ability to adjust, read, and react.

The one "con" of Wiggins (outside of his subpar tackling) is potential character concerns that teams may have. While he has still played starter-level snaps, Wiggins has not started Clemson's last two games because he is negative in the team's "accountability points" metric, per head coach Dabo Swinney.

That is something that the Chargers could vet during the draft process, though, and if it is not a big concern it should not stop the team from taking what might be a bona fide great CB1.