NFL mock draft: 4 biggest 2024 draft needs for the Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers v Minnesota Vikings
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The LA Chargers are four games into the 2023 season and the team is already in its bye week. The bye week represents a chance for the players to get healthy and for the coaching staff to reflect on what this team needs moving forward.

In addition to reflecting on what the team needs moving forward. the bye week also presents a chance for a team to look ahead toward the future. While all of the emphasis for the coaching staff is on this season, the front office is working hard behind the scenes to scout the next wave of potential Chargers.

Doing a mock draft for the 2024 NFL Draft when it is six months away is a bit silly. The big board is going to change a tremendous amount between October and April. However, while the exact players are hard to pinpoint, it is not hard to pinpoint the Chargers' draft needs in 2024.

4 biggest 2024 NFL Draft needs for the Chargers:

4. Linebacker

This could change as the 2023 season continues as Kenneth Murray could play well enough to convince the Chargers to re-sign him. Then, in theory, the Bolts could run with Murray and Daiyan Henley as the two starting running backs, as Eric Kendricks' tenure with the team is only going to last one season.

But that is not a guarantee so the Chargers may need to draft a linebacker in the first three rounds to get someone who can start next season. This is especially true if Brandon Staley isn't in town as the new head coach and defensive coordinator would want someone who can fit into whatever the new style of defense would be.

Even if Murray and Staley are with the team in 2024, the Chargers could use depth at the position and would likely use a fourth or fifth-round pick on a linebacker. Interior defensive line is another position that is on the fence like linebacker, but it will be easier to find an impactful DT on the free-agent market for cheap.