NFL Draft grades: Grading every pick Chargers made in 2024 NFL Draft

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Chargers draft grade for Kimani Vidal: A

We circled Kimani Vidal as a late-round running back to watch and the Chargers liked him as much as we did. Naturally, there should be limited expectations with late-round picks because if they were truly elite prospects, they would have been drafted sooner.

That being said, Vidal has traits that are impossible to ignore and his missed tackles forced numbers are through the roof. There is real potential for Vidal to be an every-down back in the future with value in both the running game and passing game. Not to mention, he has some similar traits as former Charger Austin Ekeler.

Chargers draft grade for Brenden Rice: A

There are some fans who need to temper expectations when it comes to Brenden Rice. They see that he is the son of Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, and that he was projected to go earlier in the draft, and assume that he is going to be this big difference-maker.

Rice's game is somewhat limited and there is a reason he fell to the seventh round. That being said, considering there is no risk involved with a seventh-round pick, doubling up at receiver and taking the best one available is always going to be a smart move.

Chargers draft grade for Cornelius Johnson: B+

A third wide receiver in the draft might seem a bit strange but that is exactly how the team should approach the postion. Not every wide receiver is going to stick, especially when it comes to late-round picks, so it makes sense to take another option late in the draft if the team likes him.

If there is one coach in the NFL that knows about Johnson's game it is Jim Harbaugh. The Michigan wide receiver was productive in Harbaugh's offense and does the little things that may get him on the 53-man roster come August.

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