3 moves Chargers will make next after cutting Eric Kendricks

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Chargers will cut Mike Williams

Eric Kendricks is just the first player on the Chargers to be cut this offseason and he won't be the biggest name that is let go. That honor will go to Mike Williams, who has been the most obvious cap casualty this offseason since he tore his ACL in Week 3 against Kendricks' old team.

There was never going to be a trade market for Kendricks so it made sense for the team to make the move as soon as possible and just get it over with. A trade market ultimately will not formulate for Williams but there was at least a chance of a trade market developing, hence why this may take longer.

As important as Williams has been to the Chargers, the team simply has to move on from him this offseason. The former Clemson Tiger is on the wrong side of 30 and is one of the most injury prone players on the roster. It is hard to pay someone with those qualifications $32.4 million, which is what the Chargers would owe.

The Bolts can free up $20 million by cutting Williams this offseason. That move alone will get the Chargers cap compliant before the start of free agency. The Chargers still need to make additional moves to free up more space but this is the move the Chargers can do right away to get under the cap.

Williams still has value in the league and there will definitely be teams interested in adding his services (especially with Mike Evans not hitting free agency). It will work out best for all parties involved if Williams is cut.