Marcus Stroman injury proves that Chargers' Justin Herbert is on another planet

Stroman is suffering from the same injury that Herbert dealt with last season.
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They play two different sports and their paths have never crossed but there are not some similarities between LA Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert and Chicago Cubs right-handed pitcher Marcus Stroman.

Both players have recently dealt with the exact same injury that we do not see often, especially in baseball; fractured rib cartilage. It happened to Herbert in Week 2 of the 2022 season and is now happening to Stroman.

Stroman was already on the IL with a hip injury and was set to return before he was diagnosed with fractured rib cartilage. This has pushed the right-hander's return back date an indefinite amount while the Cubs look to make a playoff push. As every Chargers fan recalls, Herbert didn't miss a single game with his injury.

Marcus Stroman injury update proves how tough Chargers' Justin Herbert is

Granted, the comparison between an NFL quarterback and MLB starting pitcher is not apples to apples. Storman throws a baseball over 90 miles per hour and has to do that over 80 times in one game. He might be able to gut it out and be tough like Herbert, but his production would likely take a massive hit.

However, Stroman also doesn't have 300-pound defensive linemen running at him looking to make those ribs hurt a bit more. And Herbert was still slinging the football around at a high rate, so his arm was getting similar action to Stroman's.

This is by no means a knock on Stroman for sitting out longer, either. It is probably the best move for him and the Cubs in the long run. But the fact that Herbert didn't take the easy way out and decided to gut through it shows that he is built differently. That is the difference between a fringe all-star starting pitcher and a franchise quarterback.

Hopefully for the Cubs, Stroman can return to action in a short amount of time and doesn't lose any zip on his fastball. Hopefully for the Chargers, Herbert can avoid this kind of injury in 2023 and put together a fully healthy season. If so, he very well could be in the MVP conversation this season.