Twitter goes nuts as Chargers' Justin Herbert toughs out rib injury

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Chargers fell short against the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. While the Chargers looked like the better team for most of the game, the Chiefs did what a great team does and executed when it mattered the most.

This was a devastating game for Chargers fans and it nearly got worse in the fourth quarter. Justin Herbert took a big sack and was down on the play, wincing in pain. After missing one play, Herbert returned to action and took another huge hit on the very first play.

Herbert very obviously was dealing with a rib injury and the Amazon broadcast confirmed after the game that he would undergo x-rays on his midsection. Despite it looking serious, Herbert went out and gutted out a heroic touchdown drive that didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

But at the very least, Justin Herbert got respect for his Chargers heroics.

Herbert's most impressive throw on the touchdown drive came on fourth down. Despite literally throwing the ball away just so he would not get hit the play prior, Herbert stepped back and delivered an absolute dart to DeAndre Carter in stride. It is throws like this that remind everyone how special Herbert is.

It does bring up the question, though: should Justin Herbert have even been in the game? While it is great to see his leadership and toughness on full display, there really was an unnecessary risk in keeping Herbert in the game. It would have taken an improbable series of events to win this game and the Chargers flirted with Herbert getting hurt even more seriously.

At least Chargers bettors are happy from Herbert toughing it out and Chargers fans just have to hope that nothing more serious occurred from him staying in the ballgame. This team is going nowhere without Justin Herbert and with him, and this new-look defense, the sky is the limit.

Los Angeles has 10 much-needed days off until they host the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 3. The hope is that an angry team will beat up on the far inferior Jaguars as a way to cool down from this loss.