Bleacher Report's latest anti-Justin Herbert take is the most laughable one yet

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It did not take long for Justin Herbert to establish himself as a great quarterback in the NFL. Herbert instantly looked the part when he was thrust into the starting job with 15 minutes' notice. What followed in 2020 was one of the greatest rookie seasons in NFL history that Herbert has only built on.

Herbert still has his doubters even though the stats and the eye test all point to him being the real deal. Herbert's biggest critics point out his lack of overall team success with just one playoff appearance and no playoff wins. Some have even taken it as far as to call him a social media quarterback.

There have been a lot of bad Herbert takes throughout the years but the latest misaligned take may be the worst yet. Bleacher Report recently broke down several blockbuster contracts NFL teams may soon regret and somehow, someway, included Herbert's extension on the list.

"Herbert's passer rating has actually dropped or remained the same every year thus far in his career. He's never been even a second-team All-Pro and has been a Pro Bowler only once. He's coming off a disappointing 2023 season and is now learning a whole new offense for a team that doesn't appear to be overly competitive. It's hard to see this pairing becoming something awesome."

Criticizing Justin Herbert's Chargers extension is the worst Herbert-related take yet

Look, we here at Bolt Beat know exactly how the sports content game works. Trevor Lawrence just agreed to his massive extension with the Jacksonville Jaguars and it raised a few eyebrows. This led to Lawrence being included in this list, and likely spawning the idea in the first place so it would be topical and relevant.

From there, the writing and editing team was tasked with finding a few large contracts agreed to in recent years that can be justified as something a team might regret. And there isn't a more polarizing contract to include than another franchise quarterback who has had a split opinion in his career thus far.

The breakdown of why the Chargers will regret this extension makes absolutely no sense. The arguments are made in absolutes that do not provide context. Herbert's passer rating going down doesn't mean anything and it also doesn't point out that his down year in 2023 was the result of not one, but two broken fingers (one on each hand).

Accolades like Pro Bowls don't mean a thing considering Herbert has had Pro Bowl numbers in three of his four seasons. The Pro Bowl is a glorified popularity contest. Mac Jones and Tyler Huntley are recent Pro Bowlers! Using that as reasoning makes absolutely no sense.

The argument about learning a new offense for a team that doesn't appear to be overly competitive doesn't check out as the Chargers made the most competitive hire of the entire offseason. Sure, the Chargers may not have the talent to go on a Super Bowl run this season but it is not like the team just punted with another year of Brandon Staley.

Any reasonable NFL fan knows the Chargers won't regret extending Herbert because what was the alternative? Were the Chargers supposed to just let him become a free agent, leave the team, and draft a new quarterback with the fifth overall pick? Is this somehow becoming another ludicrous pro-J.J. McCarthy angle?

At the end of the day, it makes absolutely no sense to suggest the Chargers may regret this move and that is evident by the lack of in-depth reasoning included.