Emmanuel Acho's latest shot at Chargers' Justin Herbert is his saddest yet

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Chargers fans are over the moon about Jim Harbaugh being the team's new head coach because of his ability to change the culture and the results that will likely follow. There is also hope that he takes franchise QB Justin Herbert to the next level, which would result in an MVP trophy or a Super Bowl run.

Popular American sports commentators recognize that Herbert has shown more talent than Harbaugh's previous quarterbacks, so they can't wait to see the Harbaugh-Herbert duo in action now that Herbert won't have to carry the entire team on his shoulders.

However, Fox Sports' pundit Emmanuel Acho, who is Anti-Herbert, and Chargers fans' Public Enemy Number 1, threw another dart at the Chargers quarterback. After the recent hiring, Acho is confident in Harbaugh's ability to win games and change the franchise narrative but he doesn't think the same about Justin Herbert, who "hasn't won games" during his first few years in the NFL.

Likewise, he called Herbert America's "favorite quarterback", for considering him overrated. As you can see in the following tweet, Acho bet Los Angeles will win the AFC West at least once in the next three years, but doubted Herbert's ability to achieve it.

It is not hard to remind Acho why Justin Herbert is a superstar while using stats and demonstrating his resiliency. Herbert not only won Offensive Rookie of the Year and set a rookie TD passes record in 2020, but he also has more passing yards than any other quarterback in NFL history through his first four years, surpassing elite passers like Peyton Manning, Joe Burrow, Dan Marino and Andrew Luck (who all played a similar number of games to Herbert's).

Likewise, Herbert ranks second for most TD passes through his first four years, only below Dan Marino. It is hilarious to imply that he can't lead his team to victory.

Despite battling bad head coaches, injuries, terrible offensive lines, and putrid defenses, Herbert has kept the Chargers competitive in many games. The clearest example is the 2021 Week 18 game at Las Vegas, when the Chargers and Raiders battled for a playoff spot, and Herbert carried the team in the last possessions of regulation, forcing the overtime.

He overcame the fact that Maxx Crosby was destroying the right side of the offensive line, and Brandon Staley called a controversial play by going for it on 4th down from their 20-yard line in the third quarter. Even in 2023, when the Chargers finished 5-12, Herbert fought until the end of the Dolphins, Lions, and Packers games despite the disastrous defensive play.

Emmanuel Acho has made a habit out of criticizing Chargers QB Justin Herbert

Acho became a target for Chargers fans since calling Herbert a "social media quarterback", arguing that despite his highlights and great throws, he doesn't win enough games. Acho retracted his criticism a few days later, as the Chargers defeated the Tua Tagovailoa's Dolphins in a game that showcased Herbert's superiority from beginning to end.

Acho also believes Herbert is "overpraised and overrated" for having a negative record in the NFL, and that the Justin Herbert hype started in 2020 because Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa barely played that year.

Chargers fans are looking forward to the 2024 season, when we expect Jim Harbaugh will bring the best out of Justin Herbert to compete for the Super Bowl, in addition to keeping Emmanuel Acho quiet.

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