Latest coaching update has Chargers fans panicking over Jim Harbaugh dream

Purdue v Michigan
Purdue v Michigan / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The LA Chargers are not one of the teams remaining in the NFL Playoffs but they are still one of the most talked-about teams right now. With arguably the most prolific head coach opening thanks to Justin Herbert, the Bolts have been heavily tied to Jim Harbaugh this winter.

Harbaugh has interviewed with the Chargers and Atlanta Falcons since winning the National Championship with Michigan. If there was ever a time for Harbaugh to actually cash in on his flirtations with the NFL it would be now after he reached the mountaintop with his alma mater.

On paper, the Chargers are the perfect Harbaugh team and that is why he has been tied so heavily to LA. With so many things breaking the Chargers' way, fans are beginning to get worried about the fact that it hasn't happened yet.

Well, the Chargers are deciding to take the patient approach and are going to do their due diligence whether it is Harbaugh or not. A first wave of interviews was not enough for the Bolts, who are going to go into second interviews with several candidates.

It is unclear whether or not Harbaugh is one of those 4-6 candidates, as it has not been confirmed nor denied.

Chargers fans are frustrated as the team drags its feet on hiring Jim Harbaugh

It is pretty fair to say that the average sentiment in the Chargers fan base was not great on Saturday while all of this was being reported. With the Falcons reportedly already having a second interview lined up with Harbaugh, Chargers fans started to play the worst scenario out in their collective minds.

In a perfect world, sure, the Chargers would just offer Harbaugh a blank check and he would happily accept it to coach the team. But that is not how the NFL works and love it or hate it, the Chargers are doing the right thing here.

Harbaugh has flirted with the NFL multiple times while coaching Michigan. He obviously has not made the leap once. There is a very real chance that the Chargers could pot-commit to Harbaugh and be left with no real alternative if he drags the process out and decides to stay at Michigan.

It is clear that the Bolts are casting a wide net of candidates, which is the exact same thing the Falcons are doing as well. It might be frustrating, sure, but it is nothing to worry about. At least not yet...

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