LA Chargers: 3 matchups that will decide Week 6 outcome vs. Baltimore Ravens

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens
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The LA Chargers continue the difficult start to the 2021 season with a road matchup against the Baltimore Ravens before heading into the bye week. The 4-1 Chargers have surprised many throughout the league and a road win in Week 6 against the Ravens would only cement their place as the top team in the AFC.

As we know because it is preached by Brandon Staley so often, a handful of matchups every single week can end up deciding the outcome of the game. That is no different against Baltimore, although there is one matchup that is so much more important than the rest.

The 3 matchups that will decide the outcome between the LA Chargers and Baltimore Ravens in Week 6:

1. Lamar Jackson vs. Derwin James

This is a bit of guesswork on my end and the fact of the matter is that the LA Chargers could throw multiple players at Lamar Jackson. However, with Drue Tranquill being injured, I think we are going to see a lot more of Derwin James in the box with Chris Harris Jr. at safety and Tevaughn Campbell at slot corner.

James is the most versatile player on the LA Chargers' defense and it is fitting that his main requirement should be to slow down the one x-factor in this game, Lamar Jackson. It is no secret that the Chargers have one of the worst run defenses in the NFL and Jackson could legitimately win this game for Baltimore by himself.

That is why James is so important. We will likely see him move around the field and I am sure he will drop into coverage in disguised looks with a different QB spy on Jackson on certain plays. But when push comes to shove in the biggest moments of the game, it should be James who is tasked with spying Jackson and keeping him from breaking off a big gain.

The Chargers have the resources to do this. I know that James' versatility is his most important trait but in this game, having him slow down Lamar Jackson is the most impactful.