LA Chargers Week 2 overreactions: Is the run defense a serious problem?

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2. The LA Chargers have a play-calling problem

We are only two games into the season and people are already questioning the new offense put in place by offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi. I will admit, I was not the biggest fan of the Lombardi hire when it was made as his previous tenure with Detroit was absolutely horrendous.

That being said, we are only two games into the season and despite the team only scoring 37 points in two games, the offense has been able to move down the field and succeed.

The offensive identity of this team is to put together long drives that are not only sustainable but can make life easier on the defense as well. Sure, there are not as many of the big chunk plays but a) we are only two games in and b) teams are going to scheme Justin Herbert to take those chunk plays away.

You do not have to have a massive chunk play every single game to succeed and chances are that we are remembering more chunk plays than there really were last season. Those are the plays that stand out in your memory, so of course, they seem more prevalent in hindsight.

That being said, the Chargers still had a huge chunk play to Keenan Allen on third down and had several other big plays get negated by penalties.

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Yes, scoring 37 points in two games is not great but there has been a mix of bad luck and failed execution. If the bad fumble wasn't called and the team didn't knee out the clock in Week 1 they would have scored 26-34 points in that game. If Keenan Allen doesn't slip and the referees don't call a ridiculous illegal formation (and Tristian Vizcaino doesn't miss a kick) then the Chargers would have scored 29-33 points in this game.

The Bolts definitely need to clean that aspect of the game up but the play-calling should not be questioned this early.

Verdict: Overreaction