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LA Chargers: Game grades for Justin Herbert and Dak Prescott in disappointing game

Dallas Cowboys v LA Chargers
Dallas Cowboys v LA Chargers / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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The LA Chargers fell to 1-1 on the season with a 20-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2. It was an ugly game from the Chargers, who did not do much to win this game and were not helped out by the officiating, either.

It really did feel like neither team deserved to win this game but the Chargers were on the receiving end of the worse calls and Dallas made one extra field goal than LA. That is important considering Tristan Vizcaino actually missed a field goal in this one as well.

It was a disappointing loss for the Bolts as they head into a tough stretch of the season. The Chargers are on the road against Kansas City next week, host Las Vegas in Week 4, host Cleveland in Week 5, is on the road against Baltimore in Week 6 and host New England in Week 7.

That is a tough slate of games and while it eases up down the stretch it would have been nice to start 2-0 against a team like the Cowboys.

The game as a whole might have been fairly disappointing for the average NFL fan. This had all the makings of being the best game of the weekend and instead, it was a 20-17 mistake-ridden game that was not the shootout that fans were expecting.

With Justin Herbert and Dak Prescott, it is hard to blame the hype for this game heading into it. But ironically enough, the quarterbacks did not play badly at all.

Both Justin Herbert and Dak Prescott had solid game grades in the LA Chargers-Dallas Cowboys Week 2 showdown.

It may not have been the highest-scoring affair but the quarterback play was still solid. But here in lies the question: which quarterback played the better game and received the better grade?

Let's give into the game grades for Week 2, starting with Justin Herbert.