LA Chargers: 3 matchups that will determine Week 2 outcome vs. Dallas Cowboys

LA Chargers v Washington Football Team
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Mike Williams
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2. Mike Williams vs. Anthony Brown/Trevon Diggs

The Dallas Cowboys do not have a bonafide CB1 so it will be interesting to see how they game plan and who they put on Keenan Allen. Allen is obviously going to be the priority as Dallas is hoping to slow him down to slow the offense down.

If last week's games are any indication, both for Dallas' defense and for Allen, then they are not going to do so. We know that Allen is going to have a really good game in this one. It would be legitimately shocking if he did not finish with 85+ yards.

The matchup that is really important for the Chargers and is the difference between a huge day and a decent day is Mike Williams. As we saw against Washington, Williams plays a big role in this passing game and getting him open is a huge component in getting the offense going.

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While Williams was still targeted on a goal-line fade for the only passing touchdown of the game, he was used much more than a jump-ball target, which is nice to see as he has not been fully utilized by previous Chargers coaching offensive coordinators.

We saw both Antonio Brown and Chris Godwin have big days against the Cowboys in Week 1 and if the Chargers are going to comfortably outduel this high-powered offense then they are going to have to get another receiver going and give him a big day as well.

Williams is the obvious prime candidate, especially with Jalen Guyton's inconsistency in the past and Joshua Palmer's unproven nature.