Should the LA Chargers go after Odell Beckham Jr. if available?

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Some fans wanted to see the LA Chargers trade for a wide receiver to help expand the field before the NFL trade deadline. The Bolts ultimately made no move, although there is still an intriguing receiver option available on the waiver wire in DeSean Jackson.

Jackson is a big-name NFL player but there is a potential massive-name NFL player that could become available via waivers. Odell Beckham Jr.'s future with the Cleveland Browns is up in the air and he could be available very soon.

Beckham was a possible trade candidate during the deadline. He ultimately was not moved and his dad, Beckham Sr., made his feelings clear. Senior posted a video on Instagram of Baker Mayfield not throwing to Beckham while being open, adding fuel to the fire.

And just for good measure, LeBron James joined the fun.

While all this might seem like social media chatter, it has legs and could impact Beckham's future. Beckham did not practice with the Browns on Wednesday, instead sitting out while his agent discussed his future with Browns management.

While waiving a player of this magnitude is typically rare, the Browns can waive Odell without taking any cap hit on the final two years of his contract, making the move more likely. This raises the question as it pertains to the Bolts:

Should the LA Chargers go after Odell Beckham Jr. if available?

Sorry to all the Odell fans that want to see him in the powder blue, but the answer is ultimately no. The LA Chargers should stay away from Beckham if the Cleveland Browns waive him.

First, let's look at it from a money perspective. If the Chargers claimed Beckham on waivers then they would be responsible for his cap hit this season as well as future seasons. Of course, they could simply waive him after the 2021 season to avoid future cap hits but his cap hit this season would eat into the carry-over cap for next year, still making an impact.

If any team is interested in bringing Beckham in on waivers then that instantly takes the Bolts out of the running. That much money for a receiver who has suffered multiple big injuries and has not even been that good this year is not worth it.

Even if Beckham clears waivers it is not worth it to go after it. Fans are only considered with the talent that is on the field but this is the second team that Beckham has had issues with in his young career. Wherever he goes locker room distractions follow and that is the last thing the Chargers need as they start a new era with Brandon Staley.

Sure, we can talk ourselves into Beckham changing as it will be a change of scenery but would he actually? If he came to LA he would be the third target behind both Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. If he is upset now in Cleveland then why would it be any different on the Chargers? It's not like the Browns are a losing football team.

Baker Mayfield played the best football of his career while Odell was out with an injury last season. That means something, especially with how Baker has played this season (albeit dealing with an injury).

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Beckham just isn't worth the headache. People are in love with the big name but in reality, Beckham isn't even a top-20 wide receiver in the NFL. Beckham ranks 69th in the league in receiving yards per game since joining the Browns. Is that worth the headache?