LA Chargers: Potential waiver targets to sign following the trade deadline

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Much to the chagrin of fans, the LA Chargers did not make a trade prior to the 2021 NFL trade deadline. While the Bolts made two additions before the deadline in Andre Roberts and Dustin Hopkins, general manager Tom Telesco did not pull the trigger on a trade.

It is fair to be disappointed, especially considering the fact that the Bolts have a projected four compensatory picks coming their way and they could have afforded to add even some help with a trade.

Were the Bolts going to completely fix the run defense or find a starting-caliber right tackle via trade? Probably not. But they could have improved for a marginal cost and didn't. Perhaps the plan is to wait out the deadline and pick up waived players that did not get traded, thus avoiding trading capital.

One can only hope.

Potential waiver targets for the LA Chargers following the NFL trade deadline:

1. DeSean Jackson

I was against a DeSean Jackson trade because I did not want to see the team give up any sort of draft capital as well as cut into some of next year's roll-over cap space for a guy that would have a minimal improvement over someone who already plays a small role on the offense (Jalen Guyton).

Of course, the Chargers would have to hope that Jackson passes through waivers and then sign him to a free-agent contract if they do not want to take on his current deal. If they claim him on waivers then they would take on his current contract.

That being said, as a waiver pick-up for an extremely small contract without the draft picks involved it is worth the flier. The Chargers have struggled in getting deep balls this season and while most of the issue is the playcalling and the offensive line not providing a clean pocket, having a veteran like Jackson in those key moments could help.

I still don't think he has that big of an impact but he has already been waived by the Rams and there really is no reason not to kick the tires on Jackson. That is, unless the Chargers have someone else in mind and want to use the roster spots accordingly.