3 big-name wide receivers the LA Chargers could trade for this offseason

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DK Metcalf
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DK Metcalf

This is completely contingent on if the Seattle Seahawks trade Russell Wilson or not. If the Seahawks do not trade Russell Wilson then there is absolutely no chance that the Seahawks would trade DK Metcalf. However, if Wilson does get traded then you cannot blame the Seahawks for wanting to blow it up completely and get as many assets as possible.

The team traded two first-round picks for Jamal Adams in what was one of the worst trades in recent NFL memory. The Seahawks had a top-10 pick this year that they cannot use. They are much better off trading assets away if Russ is going than keeping them to be mediocre.

That is especially true with Metcalf being a free agent after the 2022 season. If there were multiple years left on his deal then Seattle could simply work it out. However, Metcalf is not going to want to stay and potentially ruin his free-agent value by playing for a quarterback that is not good in Seattle.

Metcalf would be a good addition to the Chargers' offense and would be an improvement over Mike Williams. Metcalf can do a lot of the same things that Williams can do and he has blazing speed that opens things up for Herbert's cannon of an arm.

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Like Ridley, Metcalf is still young and the Chargers would be trading him with the intent of extending him after the 2022 season.