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5 LA Chargers who improved the most during the 2021 season

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While the LA Chargers missed the playoffs and only improved by two games on the stat sheet, there were several areas that the team improved in 2021. While the 2021 season ultimately feels like a disappointment, this does create some optimism for what the team can do in the 2022 season.

Some of these players improved simply because of the point of their career they are in. Some started being utilized more while others improved directly as a result of Brandon Staley being the head coach.

Here are the 5 LA Chargers who improved the most in 2021:

5. Justin Jackson

The LA Chargers dealt with problems at the RB2 position for most of the year. Joshua Kelley and Larry Rountree were not good options and Justin Jackson could not stay consistently healthy. Jackson always showed flashes but never could keep it consistent.

Jackson ended the season on a really strong note for the Bolts and might have forced the team's hand to re-sign him in the offseason. Jackson had a massive game in the loss to the Houston Texans and continued to be a positive addition to the offense every time he was on the field.

While the team should absolutely still add depth to the running back room and not be confident with what they currently have, with the improvements that Jackson made, the dire need for a second running back may no longer be as dire as it once was.