3 LA Chargers who should probably retire after the 2021 NFL season

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Jared Cook
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3. Jared Cook

I know that taking victory laps is not the most humble thing to do but look: everyone loves to point out every single take that I have had that ends up being wrong. I just want to acknowledge the fact that I was very against the Jared Cook signing last offseason when most Charger fans seemed to like the signing. As the year went along, as I predicted, Cook's age showed itself and Charger fans started to turn on him.

Cook started off the season on a decent note and in his limited role in the passing game he was living up to the value contract that the LA Chargers signed him to. However, Cook then started to actively hurt the team. Whether he was dropping easy passes, not knowing what route to run or simply giving up on routes too early, Cook had several frustrating moments in 2021.

Cook has had a great career and he was able to extend that career with the New Orleans Saints and had some of his best years late in his career. However, at some point father time simply wins and it is really hard to be a vertical tight end in today's game when you are getting up there in age. Cook turns 35 in April.

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The Chargers certainly don't need to bring him back and it is hard to see a team that would be willing to sign him. He does not have the pedigree of someone like Antonio Gates, who played until he is 38, and he has only played in one specific offensive style over the last half-decade. If the Chargers and Saints are not going to sign him, who will?