3 LA Chargers who are starting to come into their own down the stretch

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Chris Harris Jr.
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3. Chris Harris Jr.

This sounds crazy, I know, but Chris Harris Jr. has been playing much better football in recent weeks than he was earlier in the season and even last season for the Bolts. He is still far from being the Harris of old and I would not say he is playing at an above-average level but he has been pretty decent for the Chargers and has not been a liability in the secondary.

Instead, the biggest liability in the secondary has been Tevaughn Campbell, who has been horrible with Asante Samuel Jr. out. Harris, though, has cleaned it up in recent weeks and has definitely given us fewer things to complain about.

This is not just because of his leaping interception in the endzone against the Bengals, either. That interception was a culmination of four decent weeks in which he is going what the Chargers need him to do: not be a liability while being a veteran presence for the other guys in the secondary room.

Per PFF, in Harris' first five games of the season, he was targeted 19 times, allowing 14 receptions for 202 yards and a touchdown. Since then, Harris has been targeted 11 times in four games, allowing seven receptions for 62 yards with no touchdowns. He went from allowing 2.8 receptions and 40.4 yards per game to allowing 1.75 receptions and 15.5 yards per game. That is a big improvement!

Harris is still prone to have some ugly moments and he very well could have some bad games down the stretch. However, if recent trends are any indication, he is actually heading in the right direction, which is huge for the Bolts' secondary.

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If Samuel can safely come back for a playoff push then the Chargers secondary might look much better down the stretch then it has for most of the season.