3 reasons why the LA Chargers should beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15

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3. The defensive turnaround for the Chiefs has been a bit fraudulent

Now the Chiefs do have a massive advantage in this game with Rashawn Slater likely not playing. Whether the team shuffles pieces around or simply starts Trey Pipkins at left tackle, that is a huge hole for the Chargers. If Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler don't play either then the Bolts will be down three of their six best players.

That is definitely worrisome and quite frankly, that would help the narrative that the Chiefs have turned it around defensively and are now a good defensive team. Don't get me wrong, the Chiefs are certainly better than they were at the beginning of the season and the addition of Melvin Ingram has been huge.

However, I still would not say they are a great defensive team and they are definitely one that the Chargers can exploit and score 30+ on. As long as the Chargers execute their game plan the Chiefs probably won't be able to slow them down all that much.

Just look at who they have played recently and it is clear to see why they have been succeeding on defense. They have played the Raiders twice over the last month. We all know the Raiders are a dumpster fire. The Denver Broncos are pretty bad offensively and didn't have Melvin Gordon in that game. The Dallas Cowboys are explosive but they were also without Amari Cooper in that game. Plus, Dak Prescott hasn't looked all that great in recent weeks and ranks in the bottom third in QBR this season.

If we go a bit further we will see that the Chiefs shut down Jordan Love and the Packers and Daniel Jones and the Giants. So in this six-game winning streak in which the Chiefs have "turned it around" they have faced Jones, Love, Bridgewater and Carr twice. Dak is the best of the bunch but as mentioned, he has not been that good this year.

The good offenses they have faced? Tennessee scored 27, Buffalo scored 38, the Eagles scored 30, the Ravens scored 36, the Browns scored 29 and the Chargers scored 30. Yes, the Chiefs have gotten better defensively but the level of competition has been significantly easier.

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Chiefs fans better hope that the defense can really take advantage of Slater being out because if not, the Chargers will probably bring the defense back to reality.