The 3 real reasons why the Chargers lost to the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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The Kansas City Chiefs survived the LA Chargers on Thursday Night Football as the Bolts took the Chiefs all the way to overtime but could not get the job done in the end. With a two-game lead with three games left to play, the Chiefs have essentially locked up the AFC West crown. As far as the Chargers are concerned, the focus now stays on securing a top wild-card spot and not falling out of the picture entirely.

This would have been the biggest win for the Chargers in quite some time and there is a lot of frustration and disappointment in the fanbase because of the result. So much so that a lot of the blame has been placed on Brandon Staley and his decisions to go for it on fourth down. However, it is impossible to actually blame Staley for the loss.

The 3 real reasons why the LA Chargers lost to the Kansas City Chiefs:

1. The Chiefs won the coin toss in overtime

This is pretty simple. This was a back-and-forth slugfest and the winner of this game was probably going to be the winner of the coin toss. While it was not a guarantee that the Chargers would score if they got the ball in OT, it is hard to not like their chances with how they ran the football and having Justin Herbert with all of the time in the world.

If former Charger Melvin Ingram calls heads on that toss then the Chargers would have gotten the ball and the conversations this morning could have been completely different. As soon as the Chiefs got the ball to start overtime, it was clear that it was going to be a huge uphill battle for the Chargers, because of the second real reason why they lost.