LA Chargers get disrespected in absurd power ranking after Week 3

LA Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
LA Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/Getty Images

The LA Chargers are coming off of a massive win in Week 3 as the team went into Kansas City and took it to the Chiefs to emerge victoriously, 30-24. The Bolts beat the Chiefs in Brandon Staley's first game coached against them and gave them their first losing record with Patrick Mahomes under center.

Most NFL pundits took notice and the LA Chargers have skyrocketed up the ranks in the minds of many. With the undefeated Las Vegas Raiders slated for Week 4, a second consecutive win for the Bolts could be huge for their stock in the league as well as their standing in the AFC West.

Some outlets have still failed to take notice and have not given the Chargers the love they deserve for beating the two-time defending AFC Champions. Sure, it is early in the season, but if you are going to do power rankings you have to do a mixture of preseason perception and what is actually happening on the field.

Axios is not doing that in their power rankings.

We respect everyone's right to their own opinion but these power rankings miss the mark in so many ways. Particularly the LA Chargers ranking 13th among 32 teams.

The LA Chargers deserve to be much higher in the power rankings.

Most other outlets have the LA Chargers in the top 10 and that is right where they belong to be. The team has played a tough schedule against the Washington Football Team, Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs and is one missed field goal from Tristan Vizcaino away from maybe being 3-0.

Of course, we cannot change what actually happened but having that kind of statement win over the Chiefs should absolutely mean something. Instead, all it did was move the Chargers up one spot in their rankings while the 1-2 Chiefs moved down one spot.

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I get that the Chiefs get the benefit of the doubt but how don't they put the 2-1 Baltimore Ravens ahead of the 1-2 Chiefs, who the Ravens beat? Somehow the 2-1 Titans rank lower than the 1-2 Seahawks who they beat and the 2-1 Saints rank much lower than the 2-1 Packers, who they dismantled.

It seems as if this power ranking is mostly going off of preseason perception and I get why that is so influential this early in the season but at some point, you have to do the rankings based on what you are actually seeing. The Chiefs shouldn't be ranked in the lower half but they definitely are not playing like the third-best team in the league right now.

Will they probably climb back up as the season goes along? Absolutely. But these power rankings also shouldn't be forecasts. They should be how the teams are actually playing and I just do not see how the Chiefs can rank 10 spots higher than the LA Chargers.

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But hey, it is all just noise at the end of the day and gives the players more people to prove wrong.