Ranking which team has the best chance to ruin Chargers playoff chances in Week 17

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans
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Tua Tagovailoa
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1. Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have won seven games in a row to give themselves an 8-7 record to control their own destiny in making the playoffs. The bad part for the Dolphins is that they have the hardest schedule remaining between the Ravens and Chargers as they take on the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots.

The Dolphins' competition during their winning streak has not been great at all. The Dolphins beat the Texans, Ravens, Jets, Panthers, Giants, Jets and the Saints with Ian Book. The only good team on that list is the Ravens, who have been inconsistent this season.

However, Miami is still a solid football team that should not be taken lightly. If they fall behind with Tua Tagovailoa then there could be some issues but with a good defense, as long as Tua does not beat the Dolphins then they will be in games.

That is why I am worried about this game and am worried about the Dolphins winning it. The Titans are a playoff team, sure, but they have not been the same without Derrick Henry. For the most part, Ryan Tannehill has been awful since Henry got hurt and the offense just has not been able to move the ball much.

Granted, that changed a bit last week with A.J. Brown returning but I still do not buy-in on the Titans' offense, especially against this Miami defense. This could very well be a low-scoring game that the Dolphins just barely eke out because Tannehill has another awful showing.

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This is the game I am worried the most about and quite frankly, I personally favor the Dolphins a bit more than the Titans in this matchup. The good thing is that we could know pretty early if the Dolphins are going to lose this game. If Tannehill goes down and scores and Tua throws a pick it could be over in the first quarter. It would be hard to see Tua coming back from a 14-point deficit while Tennessee could milk the clock.