3 LA Chargers who have really started to struggle down the stretch

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The LA Chargers started off the season red-hot with a 4-1 record and some big wins over some impressive teams. Since then, things have not gone as smoothly as the Bolts are 4-6 since that hot start and are coming off of an extremely ugly loss to the Houston Texans.

The Chargers now need some help to even get into the playoffs and even if the Bolts win out, they no longer control their own destiny. As frustrating as it is as a fan, the Chargers have no one to blame but themselves. They have put themselves in this position and quite frankly, fans cannot even be confident in them to win out against the Broncos and Raiders.

Part of the reason why the team has struggled is because the poor depth has been exposed. However, another part of the equation is that certain players who were playing well at the beginning of the season are no longer playing up to that form.

These LA Chargers players were playing great, now they are dropping the ball.

This is not a case of a player being bad all season. You are not going to see Jerry Tillery on this list. Instead, this is the opposite of the players who are coming into their own down the stretch, which was an article that we did a few weeks ago.

These three LA Chargers started the year on a great note and have since failed to make the impact that they were making early in the season, which undoubtedly is having a negative impact on the team.

Let's dive into the first player.