Ranking which team has the best chance to ruin Chargers playoff chances in Week 17

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans
Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans / Bob Levey/GettyImages
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The LA Chargers lost to the Houston Texans in an inexcusable fashion in Week 16 and now the team needs help to get to the playoffs this season. While there are several different paths that could lead to the playoffs (including the Cincinnati Bengals losing out), the most straightforward path to the playoffs is for the Bolts to win out and the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins to lose at least one game.

However, there is another game that Charger fans should really keep an eye on this week as well as it could really impact the team's playoff chances. The Las Vegas Raiders take on the Indianapolis Colts and with a loss, the Raiders' playoff chances would essentially be dead. However, if they win, that means they could be playing for a spot in the playoffs in Week 18 against the Chargers and that is not what any Charger fan wants.

On top of the Raiders playing the Colts, the Miami Dolphins are on the road against the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens are at home against the LA Rams.

Which of these teams has the best chance to ruin the Chargers playoff chances?

There is another week so the Chargers' playoff chances won't be completely ended this season (unless they lose, then you can pretty much wrap it up) but with two tough opponents in Week 16, Charger fans should want to see the Bolts take control of their own destiny once more.

The hope is to beat the Broncos and that all of these teams lose, meaning that the Chargers just have to beat a lifeless Raiders team in Week 18 to get to the playoffs. That is the best-case scenario, though. Let's rank the teams that have the best chance of messing that up.