Dolphins claiming Phillip Lindsay could open a new door for the LA Chargers

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Phillip Lindsay was waived by the Houston Texans on Tuesday and unlike other recently waived players, Lindsay did not make it off the waiver wire as he was claimed by the Miami Dolphins. This was bad news for LA Chargers fans, who wanted to see the Bolts add a dynamic new half-back to the fold with the running back room lacking depth.

The Dolphins had higher priority on the waiver wire than the Chargers so there is no way of knowing if the Chargers were really interested in Lindsay. They should have been. Lindsay is only two years removed from a 1,000-yard season and it is impossible to look at the production behind Austin Ekeler and be happy with the results.

While it is a bummer to see the Chargers missing out on Linsday, him signing with the Dolphins may open another door for the Bolts, especially as it relates to the Dolphins. Linsday adds running back depth to the Dolphins entire roster and hopefully forces the Chargers to pay attention to who Miami has in the building. There is a running back on the Miami Dolphins practice squad that the LA Chargers should definitely be interested in.

The LA Chargers should sign Gerrid Doaks after the Dolphins claim Phillip Lindsay

The Miami Dolphins selected Gerrid Doaks in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft and Doaks is yet to play more than a preseason snap for Miami. We knew heading into the draft that the Chargers were going to take a late-round running back and Doaks was someone who we evaluated on our board. And quite frankly, I would have preferred that the Chargers drafted Doaks over Larry Rountree.

Doaks showed a lot of potential in college with Cincinnati and is valuable in both the running and the passing game. That is not something the Chargers currently have with Rountree or Joshua Kelley. Doaks is a bigger back that profiles more as a bruiser but he still has great speed and when he gets into the open field he is a hard tackle. He is not elusive, like Austin Ekeler, but he is someone who can make a lot happen once he gets an open field ahead of him.

Doaks is also really good for a young running back in pass-blocking. While he is not an elite pass-blocker, he does have the potential and Cincinnati really utilized that skill set in college. Doaks not only provided well-above-average pass-blocking as a senior but was also a deadly weapon in check-and-release passing plays in college.

He is not someone that should be on the receiving end of a Joe Lombardi pitch play call but he is someone who can bring multi-down value to the Chargers and actually be a positive impact in the passing game. Even if he is not receiving the ball, his impact in pass-blocking would be worth the roster spot.

The Chargers can easily afford to let Joshua Kelley go and take the chance on Doaks. Doaks is younger and even if he does not pan out he is not going to be any worse than Kelley is.

Doaks lit it up in the only preseason game that the Dolphins gave him ample playing time. While the preseason should not be overvalued, not everyone can record a two-touchdown game in the preseason as a rookie.

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The LA Chargers may not have gotten Phillip Linsday but they can get a different running back from the Miami Dolphins instead. It probably won't happen because Tom Telesco does not make many in-season moves, but Gerrid Doaks would be a smart signing.