Will the 2022 season be Keenan Allen's last with the LA Chargers?

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If you dare to venture onto Charger Twitter, you will be met by a wide array of opinions and nasty words for Mike Williams. Many who support the Bolts did not support the re-signing of the Chargers first-round wide receiver.

However, opinions mean nothing to dollar bills and with the ink drying of Williams' new three-year deal, it seems the Chargers have an answer to a big offseason question. Yet on that dark side of Twitter, speculation has sprung up that Tom Telesco and the Chargers front office might look to move on from stalwart wide receiver Keenan Allen.

The five-time Pro Bowler turns 30 this April and with over 55 million dollars due to him over the next three years, many fans have suggested Allen's 2022 season will be his last in the powder blue.

Could the 2022 season be Keenan Allen's last with the LA Chargers?

The argument for cutting Allen is simple. He's aging, due for big money, was a league leader in drops and many of the Chargers young stars are due for extensions in the new few years. Within the next three years, Derwin James, Justin Herbert, Nasir Adderley and Drue Tranquill will be in contract negotiations and if the Chargers want to keep their nucleus of young superstars and be competitive in free agency, Allen may have to go.

To go along with the money he's on, many fear Allen is set to regress due to both his age and the ascension of Mike Williams. Williams and Allen both had 1,000-yard seasons but Williams became the target man on game-winning drives. At Kansas City, at Las Vegas, at Cincinnati, against Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Denver, Williams was crucial in securing wins. His play directly impacted the game in a way few receivers are able to. Allen also led the league in dropped passes and his raw abilities might be compromised past age 30. Basically he would be paid too much to do too little.

However the argument to keep him is also quite simple. He's a consistent Pro Bowl receiver who hasn't reached his peak yet. Allen has four 1,000-yard seasons in the past five years. The year he didn't get to 1,000, he was eight yards short.

Despite what the media says, Allen is not injury-prone. Since his season-ending injury in 2016, Allen has missed two games in five years. Yes, Mike Williams has emerged but credit to that is to the attention a defense must put on Allen.

Lastly, a mobile quarterback like Justin Herbert needs a consistent receiver like Allen to use his excellent route-running abilities to get open in any scenario. For his dropped passes, Herbert throws rocket balls which every Charger receiver has struggled with, Allen is no different. Allen is a consistent 100 catches, 1,000 yard receiver and doesn't deserve to have his ability questioned as it still stays strong.

Here's my big takeaway. Keenan Allen will hit a wall one day but that day isn't here so with players restructuring deals all the time, his money is of no concern to me. He is the most consistent and available Charger on the roster.

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Allen is one of the most respected and feared wideout in the game with footwork on another level. Most importantly, he is a beloved teammate who will fight for you on every play. He is a leader in the locker room, a mentor for the young-ins and still a baller come Sunday. Any talk to get rid of him is heresy and I hope not to hear it any longer.