5 upcoming free agents the LA Chargers should prioritize the most

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Andre Roberts
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5. Andre Roberts

This might seem like a surprise but Andre Roberts absolutely should be on the Chargers priority list this offseason. Sure, he does not have any impact at all in the offense but the impact he has on the special teams side of the ball is definitely felt.

Roberts has been so much better than any other kick returner that the Chargers have tried this season and quite frankly, he is probably the best and most consistent returner since Darren Sproles was returning kicks in San Diego.

The Chargers have continually had one of the worst special teams units in the league since Tom Telesco took over as GM and it is time for the Bolts to prioritize bringing back an impact player on special teams, especially considering the price is cheap. Plus, if they don't bring back Roberts, there is a good chance they use yet another late-round pick on a returner, which is a waste of draft capital.

What about other LA Chargers who did not make the list?

Mike Williams:

Mike Williams is not on the list as the Chargers should not overpay him in free agency this offseason. Quite frankly, it might be best that he does not get a new contract from the Chargers. If the Bolts are going to pay a receiver I would much rather them pay the extra $4-5 million per season to get Davante Adams over Williams.

If push comes to shove then they franchise tag him instead of signing him to a multi-year deal.

Oday Aboushi:

I am not against re-signing Oday Aboushi in the slightest. He played really well before tearing his ACL this season. However, I don't think I can rank him ahead of the other players on this list after suffering a season-ending injury, especially with the potential of taking a guard in the draft.

Dustin Hopkins:

Kicker don't really have robust free-agent markets so the Chargers don't need to prioritize Hopkins over many other players in order to bring him back.

Stephen Anderson:

The Chargers don't need Stephen Anderson, but it would be nice to see him return as depth.

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Anyone else that is not mentioned in this article does not need to be prioritized at all in the offseason.